Sat-sanga means the association of the devotees. Sat means devotee. Sanga means association. Sat also means God. Oṁ tat sat. Or everything is asat in this material world. Asat means temporary. This material world is temporary. And sat means spiritual. So sat-saṅga means spiritual association. 

Sat-saṅgān mukta-duḥ-saṅgaḥ. The more you associate with sat, with devotees, then you become, more you become liberated. Sat-saṅgān mukta-duḥ-saṅgaḥ.Duḥ-saṅga. We are in the material world, we are simply in association, bad association, duḥ-saṅga. So if we want to get rid of this bad association, we must associate with the devotees. 
Srila Prabhupada defines satsanga as follows: Satsanga means association with good persons who are engaged, if not cent percent, at least engaged, certain portion of his life for spiritual realization and service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So that defines the criteria for being part of the Interactive Discussion Programs on Bhakti Yoga.

The program consist of spiritual discussion on Bhagavad-gita or other Vedic scriptures with a specific 64-week module, chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna, Question/Answer session and concludes with prasadam (sanctified food offered to Lord).

Jagannath Praja Seva Trust is successfully running many Interactive Bhakti Yoga Discussion Programs in various areas of the city. There are also an Online Bhakti Yoga Discussion Programs which are conducted to give satsanga to even to those who are staying far away from association in any part of the world.

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